The reason I took the FloBox course was to get some extra exercise knowledge under my belt and also after having attended some some classes, I decided that I wanted to learn the proper techniques to allow me to introduce boxing into my workouts and I found that FloBox did that for me.

The FloBox course was good, in that the instructors were very knowledgeable, had plenty of patience whereby they made sure that you 'got it', so if you were not sure about anything you know that you only had to ask and they were there for you. It made it very beneficial for me.

The new knowledge will be introduced into classes so for example, I cover a "totally shredded class" and i will introduce the new techniques I have learned into thise classes as I know they will be beneficial for participants. 


Would I recommend FloBox to anyone else? Yes, Definitely!

Lavern Wallace - Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor 

I went on the FloBox course because I wanted to know more about FloBox boxing and also to obtain the CPD points. The course was amazing as I learnt a lot of new skills and techniques. The instructors were great as they took us step by step through how to understand the principles of boxing and how to deliver classes safely. They would go over things again and again to make sure we understood everything clearly.


Now that I have passed I didn't really intend on teaching classes, but i'm having second thoughts now. I have been covering a boxing class and have improved my techniques from what I have taken away from FloBox. My clients have all said to me at the end of the last sessions about how good the classes have been when I teach.


I will add FloBox into sessions going forward and I have already recommended it to a few people who are interested in going on the course.

Munza Nasim - Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor

I took the Flobox course due to the fact that  it was an excellent opportunity to learn the correct techniques and skills from an actual real life Boxing Coach / Fighter ( Floyd) with many years of Personal and academic experience as well as to enhance my personal career as a fitness instructor through Laurie Nicholls Fitness Training School (LN Fitness training Centre)

The Flobox course was better than I had expected, everything from stance to combinations were broken down & then put together. The course in itself flowed which allowed my confidence to build in teaching and actually running a class, Floyd  Waine & Naomi were brilliant as they added a fun element to the training. 

Now that I have passed (I was so chuffed it was awesome) I intend to teach boxfit after I have attended the advance training courses with FloBox and pass the knowledge on via group classes. 

I had done combat sports in the past, however I would recommend the course to everyone albeit if your a novice or athlete as the course will teach a way of life as well as the boxing techniques pushing one to another level I personally do believe that the Flobox instructors along with LN Fitness Training Centre, has helped me not only change my life around but also improved my lifestyle, health and gained me a job within the industry at Active Newham. I would like to thank Floyd, Waine & Naomi along with partner Group - LN Fitness team:- Laurie Nichols , Temi , Natalie , Annie , James & Ken. Furthermore the Active Newham instructors -: Sean , Marina & Pawel - with all the above people’s support & guidance i couldn’t have done what I have achieved to date.


Thank you Team Flobox , Team LN - Fitness & Team Active Newham 

RAAJ Parkash - Level 2 Gym Instructor 

I have been going to boxfit classes for years and truly enjoy them. I then decided that I wanted to learn the proper techniques for myself as well as to be able to teach this discipline. Knowing Floyd and his background in the boxing industry, it was an easy decision choosing to do my training with FloBox. At no point have I been disappointed with my choice. The course's structure was done and delivered in a great manner and very easy to follow. The practical sessions were intense but the breakdown made them doable. What was also great were the instructors. They were all attentive, patient, knowledgable and mainly skilful. There was no stress, no rush, they made sure we understood everything and were confident enough before moving on to the next stage.
Now that I am fully qualified, I have already covered a couple of boxfit classes and I am very happy that I can deliver a safe and efficient class thanks to the excellent training I have received with FloBox. I would highly recommend this training to anyone looking for professional boxfit training.

Thanks again guys and keep up your hard and excellent work.

Manuella Florimond - Level 3 Personal Trainer