Our work with News International

It all started with one speculative email around the office seeing if anybody would be interested in starting a boxing club, and five months down the line the BoxFit club at News International HQ has gone from strength to strength, with FloBox now running 2 private morning sessions a week, including skipping, core stability and boxing as well as lunchtime sessions. Anyway don't just take our word for it, check out our testimonials. 

How it works

Indoor sessions 

"Fight club" style, including body sparring and technical movements (i.e. foot work and positioning).


Outdoor sessions

Boxing  boot camp, drills, running 


"I have been training with Floyd for around 4 months now. He is a fantastic motivator. I always look forward to and enjoy our boxing sessions. I can honestly say that I can see and feel great benefits of the sessions and would definitely recommend Floyd as a trainer. He really pushes you to your full potential and has helped me to achieve my goals by encouraging me to work hard in every class....There is no gain without pain. Thanks Floyd!" 

Brooke Harrison, News International


"I sent round an email at work to see if I could drum-up some interest for starting a boxing club in the mornings. It has to be one of the best decisions I've made! Five months on and we're still getting up at the crack of dawn twice a week to skip, punch, weave, sweat out the week's stresses and burn off the weekend's overindulgences. My fitness has improved hugely and so have my energy-levels. Floyd's training sessions combine the perfect balance of technique, core strengthening and overall fitness. He is extremely reliable and encourages everyone to train hard, pushing to a point where you can immediately see and feel the benefits of all the hard work. I honestly cannot recommend Floyd's classes enough."
Chris Lucy, News International