Debz's first fight

Just a matter of months ago Debz had just turned 35 and had never had a physical fight in her life. She had previously only trained once or twice a week, smoke, drank and by her own admission was way off being physically fit. Yet only a few months down the line and after some of Floyd’s dedicated training and no-nonsense encouragement Debz competed in her first ever fight at the iconic York Hall in Bethnal Green.

Debz's testimonial

“I was never a natural candidate to be turned into a warrior, but Floyd has done a sterling job, considering the raw material. His commitment and faith in me has been both a novelty and a revelation. Floyd has been amazing. On the many occasions when I've wanted to quit, he’s pushed me to strive for (and reach) a level far beyond that which I ever thought myself capable. In terms of my fitness, sure, but a whole new world of self-belief too. It’s been an incredible journey.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that this man has changed my life.”