Working with schools

Our Youth Training Programme provides children of school age with a learning experience of no-contact boxing and kickboxing techniques. As well as learning a new sport, the programme aims to give students an understanding of the importance of health, well-being and fitness in their day-to-day lives as well as helping to encourage positivity, discipline and confidence.


These sessions will also give children and young people a great insight into a career within the fitness industry. Flobox has also built strong relationships with the best of British boxers past and present and we would give the children the opportunity to meet some of these athletes for inspirational talks​.

Classes encourage children to 

  • Respect authority

  • Learn discipline

  • Show commitment

  • Improve concentration

  • Release aggression in a safe and controlled environment

  • Build confidence

  • Improve their performance at school

We expect our students to complete a small amount of homework throughout the programme, which are usually worksheets based on the topics we have discussed in class. Over the course of the programmes, students will learn and complete worksheets on the following topics:


  • Safe Boxing and Kickboxing techniques

  • How the body works when we exercise (various sports)

  • Which muscle groups are being used when we exercise?

  • The human skeleton

  • Different training methods available for various sports

  • The importance of exercising

  • The importance of warming up

  • The importance of stretching

  • The importance of cooling down

  • Healthy eating and the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet

All of our classes are designed to complement the school curriculum and our programme aims to improve pupils’ performance at school. All of our homework must be completed on time and is marked and returned to pupils the following week, which we find helps to reinforce pupil discipline. Our programme also acts as an excellent incentive for young people to show a heightened commitment to their schoolwork, as we only work with children if they have a 95% attendance at school. We work hard to create a positive and respectful environment in our classes, and as a result we have found a great improvement in bullying and behavioural problems among our pupils.


At the end of each course, we reward the children with a completion certificate. We also provide an excellence certificate. The excellence certificate will be decided on by a points-based system, the criteria for which is based on attendance at school, attendance on the course, completion of homework, their fitness abilities and how they have conducted themselves throughout their time with us